Monday, 10 October 2016


Ate breakfast before swimming lessons 
Jay was a boy that we play with.
Swimming lessons was a week.
Brother annoys me with new toy.
K.F.C for dinner.
The beach was cold.
Climb the sofa.
Luk was a pain in the neck.
Unlucky with weather in Conway. 
Drove to Conway.
Mountain climbing was canceled.
Versing Jay and my brother the board game.
English lesson was hard.
No one wants to go to the supermarket except for mum.
Water fight was fun.
Friday I went to see a movie.
Outside to play with boys.
X-box was fun.
Gardening was hard.
Piano lessons was difficult.
Yelled to my brother.
Holiday program was boring.
Quickly run to car.
Zoo is a place that I wanted to go to.
Ice skating was so fun
Raining all day.
By Marco and SeoHyun

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