Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Did you know that technology is taking over your brains? They basically are mind controlling us to play those games like Candy Crush and Pokemon Go and all those addictive games.  They can be so boring but since you get so addicted to it you find it so much fun. 
They can also be so irritating like when you  get a text on your phone and it won't stop going baling baling baling baling or beep beep, or when you make an alarm and when it starts beeping you accidentally push snooze and it goes off 5 minutes later!

Technology is also changing stories well sometimes anyway here's an example
Get my point.

Anyway when you are addicted to a game your social skills fade.  For example my brother got a new game that he played so much that when I asked him to play Lego with me, he was already playing but in the virtual way.

Addiction can be caused by the noises in the game like in candy crush when you break a lolly and it makes a man goes “sweet” using a convincing voice which makes you want to play more.

I guess you could argue that devices can be useful as they can contact people and help you with many things like math, spelling, history and much more.
Technology is used in so many ways and one of them is teaching. Like when your teacher gives you a maths video to watch on YouTube and you've probably heard of those game like sumdog, khan academy, eako math and study ladder and there is much more of those games.  But having a real life teacher is better because you and ask them questions, and distract them and end up having to do way less work!

Well so I believe that I have made it pretty clear that technology is taking over our brains, and soon the world. I think when robots become as intelligent as human they will take us over.  I suggested we join together and gather up all of the devices and throw them all away.  We get back to basics and reclaim our brains!  

Now I have convinced you, I need to get back to my favourite pastime… playing on my xbox and my iphone.  Oh wait… um. Change of plan you can go back to your device.

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  1. Amazing speech Marco.I really liked how you said' smartphone smartphone on the stick. Who is your favrouite profile pic