Monday, 20 June 2016


Have you ever thought that a game could be as gruesome and blood filled as this game?  Get ready for a blood filled story of woe.

It was a dark and not stormy but a star filled night. We all thought it was going to be a safe night game but was it? They explained the rules “OK the aim of the game is to get to the other side without being caught by us. We will be standing on the playground  tower with torches if you get spotted go back to the start” said Yann.

 So we all ran to the start and , “Go” Kiri yelled out. Everyone went straight for the chairs some were slowly going, others were going in groups, but I just went from chair to chair very fast.  I made it to the tree that was so close to the playground that it was basically guarding it. Then out of nowhere Jay zoomed past like a cheater and that made me feel like it was my turn, so I ran as fast as a rabbit running from death. 

 I made it! I was SECOND! AND THEN THE NEXT ROUND I CAME FIRST AND TODD CAME SECOND AND THE THIRD ROUND I CAME THIRD AND TODD CAME FIRST! If it was the olympics I would have got a silver a gold and a bronze medal for terror spotlight, well that's what I like to call it.

We all went inside for supper and first aid.  It was like a hospital that hand out free hot chocolate. Overall I came second I won one of the rounds and got warm hot chocolate. Maybe it wasn't terror filled night except for Todd's foot,lulu’s and Megan's leg and so on. 

Writing reflection
I used a simile when I said “Jay ran past me like cheater instead of saying” “he ran past me.”

I am improving in spelling and describing which helps me write a lot better. 

I need try hard on putting pieces of writing into paragraphs because it makes it easier to read.

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