Wednesday, 11 November 2015

My first but last bullseye

I woke up. The sun was shining bright, very bright,  in my eyes. Ouch! my dad had opened the curtain.  I stumbled out of bed and ate breakfast. I got my camp gear stumbled to school and when I  got there I plopped my gear in the bus and I jumped in. I took three deep brave breaths to calm my nerves. The bus shrieked to a start. Bam we were off! 
We waited and waited. It felt like we were going for hours, which we were. 

Finally we got there I flopped my bag on the ground of my cabin. Then Mrs Smith's bellowing voice said, “Activity time." 
Yes!” I  say, “Archery here I come.”
 We walked to the archery spot. We got some lessons then we got a shot with the bow. I shot my first arrow and it smashed on hay which is way off the target 
“Nooo!" I shrieked. 
My dad turned to me and said, "Maybe next time."                                        

Other kids had their turn and then it was my turn again and I hit the hay again!!  
“I’m telling you I won't get a bullseye today." 
It was my final turn AND I HIT THE  hay - again!. 

 When we finished we had free time and I went to the archery spot. I picked up a bow and arrow and it fell like a gentle bird gliding through the thin air. Bam BULLSEYE! I screamed and ran to my dad. “Dad! Dad! Dad!” I wailed. 
"What? " he said. 
"I got a bullseye, come on I’ll show you." I got my bow and arrow, I aimed and it fell and hit the hay!           

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  1. Marco
    I love the title it just drawed my attention.