Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Getting Hosed

It was a roasting hot day. We were having a contest... the dumbest jump would win. We were leaping crazily, like drunk frogs. 

Wait! What was that?

It happened again.

At first we thought it was rain, but no, it was my mum - she was sneakily squirting the hose at us. It started to turn into a game.

 First off,  Alex did the water limbo and she didn't make it. She got soaked. 

I did water skipping and made it!

Lucas tried water dodging - he moved to the side and then he moved again, like a little deer dodging bullets that ride the air like a breath of wind.

“The winner is,” announced my mum.

 I had my fingers crossed, my legs crossed, my arms crossed even my toes crossed. 

“The winner is Ingrid!” 

She was splashed with pride as she pronounced with glee “yes I won.” 

“What?” I looked so confused I could blow up. How did she win? 

“well she didn't even get touched by water” 

“Ohhh.” I could see why.


  1. Sounds like it was a fun day Marco! Nothing like cool water on a roasting hot day. My favourite part is when you had "everything" crossed waiting to find out if you were the winner (I'm sorry you weren't!). Even just using the word "crossed" four times in the sentence gives it so much more effect. Well done. Miss D :)