Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Term 2 reflection

This term has been an amazing journey because I got to
learn about riparian planting.  Riparian planting is   
when you plant by a waterway. This help it be sustained because the riparian plants around waterway will help the waterway by stopping litter getting in. Also it will make habitats for invertebrates and produce for some invertebrates known as water boatman and backswimmers that live in waterways.
At the end of the term we had a Rakaia river celebration. I performed a speech for the riparian planting group known as Billie, Sienna, Lucy, and Portia and we had a stand about riparian planting.


  1. What a very good explanation of what riparian planting is Marco. I have learnt something new today! I'm sure your speech would have been fabulous as well. Did you get anyone to record you doing it? :)
    Miss D