Tuesday, 3 March 2015



when the dusty sand

sits on the

beach while the

sun shines

on the warm water

as its waves

move on your feet.

In Marco beach .

That was summer.

Remember when water

splashed in

your face from

the hose and

the rest of sprinklers.

on the prickly grass.

That was summer.

Remember that time when you

went on that 6 hour  drive

to The Sounds

with your family.

And when you have got

there  you crawl on the beach,

picking up crabs

That was summer.

Remember when

you have a great ice cream

while it drips down

your cheeks

like when you went down the waterslide.

That was summer.

Remember when you swam

in your cousin’s pool and relaxed in the spa

and when you jumped off the rock and cannon-balled in

  love everything about summer

By Marco Leighs. 

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